Thursday, 26 January 2012

Stopping on the Whistle

I would say this is an advanced command, the idea is that Uly will stop (and sit) at distance when I give the command. In this case the command would be either a single short-ish blast on the whistle (alternatively one could use a spoken command 'Sit' or perhaps 'Stop'. 

I want to use the whistle as it can be easily heard by Uly at considerable distance (much further than my unaided voice would carry) and in bad weather (heavy rain and wind for example).

Now, as I've learnt, the 'Stop' command is used to halt your dog in the field when you want to give it to change direction or take any other command. It becomes more difficult to enforce the further away the dog is. Clearly, when teaching dog command it's going to help to keep things close-by to start with.

Like most of the things I'm training Uly to do, it takes longer than you might first think. I often seem to get an early result, but for consistent, reliable obedience, it seems to be  case of just keep chipping away, don't give up, you get there in the end (hopefully).

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