Thursday, 26 January 2012

Notes on 'Wait' and 'Stay'

The 'Wait' command is one I seem to use all the time: telling Uly to 'Wait' at a gate or stile while I pass through first and so he doesn't push past... 'Wait' on individual steps one-at-a-time as we descend a staircase... 'Wait' while speak to the postman. For us it works really well and I like the sharp reaction 'Wait!' seems to invoke in Uly. 

Someone told me recently of a dog that was sitting, untethered, outside the entrance to a cathedral. There were lots of people milling around outside and some had tried to feed the dog with sweets. However, the sweets were untouched and the dog remained stock-still until his owner returned from visiting the cathedral. I am certain the owner had used the 'Stay' command.

You can see from the descriptions the differences between 'Wait' and 'Stay' commands.

Gary, one of our best Gun Dog trainers, has shown me a method of really teaching a dog to obey the 'Stay' command and I will be writing this down shortly.

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